If someone wants to go. Then let him go ..

You should never ask anyone to stay in your life. The decision to be a couple always involves the will and the work of two people. If you hold on to people who exude insecurity, then you will only be tormenting yourself and the disappointment will come, holding on to this person delays your impact on reality, but it will not prevent the impact.

They may be physically present, but their hearts have been elsewhere for a long time. Do not stop her from following her heart. If you hold on to someone whose heart is elsewhere, then you will only be hurt by their heartless behavior towards you. Let her go and go your own way without her.

Let her go so you can be happy. Because they can not make you happy anymore. You can not breathe easy in an environment that crushes you. Someone who is not in a relationship wholeheartedly did not deserve your real smile. In fact, the person who wants to go anyway will never seriously try to make you smile.

Do not hold on to someone over the threshold with one foot. Let them go as soon as you even seem to want to go. Show them the way to the door and close them so they can not play games anymore by going in and out of your life.

Wish them all the best, but never take them back. Because they ran away when it got hard. They cursed as the storms rose. They took cover as the lightnings and the thunder set in. They left you because they thought only of themselves. Wish you all the best and pray that you will never cross your life again. Because if they did not do you good the first time, they will not do it the second and third time. Yes, I know, everyone deserves a second chance – but the second chance you have to “earn” as I said – it is not given to you.

Forgive them that they were as they are. Be strong enough to endure the loneliness that lies ahead. But that too will pass. We just have to realize that if they loved us, they would never think to go. The moment they decide to leave, they express that they no longer have any love for us in their hearts. Love can pass away just as we would if we were no longer happy with someone.

If you let her go, you finally have time to recover from all the drama and the back and forth. Remember, the longer you wait to let go, the heavier the load and harder to leave behind. Let her go now, so that your heart gets enough time to heal.

Yes, sometimes we have to let go of something or someone, someone who has hurt us and can not do us good in the long run. The empty ones they leave in our lives can throb and hurt for a while after the break, but that is completely normal. At some point someone will come and fill up this empty one again.

Never look back and continue with your life and goals you have. Go separate ways and understand that it is not always bad to separate. It could be an opportunity for you to really become happy. Because you no longer cling to something that pulls your whole life so negative.

Let them go..

Let them go, so that the burden on your heart disappears, the pressure on your soul disappears and the knots in your mind dissolve ..

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