Vaccume slower.

The speed that you use the LOA is very important. Too fast and what you create won’t be a close match and won’t last long. Too slow and you may run out of time.

If you are the one who vacuum’s the carpet at home, take notice of the speed you are vacuuming. Too fast and the carpet may not get as clean as it could have. Too slow and you may run out of time to complete the job.

Find a steady pace speed where the job is getting done well and you aren’t wasting any time.

Fully focus on the task in front of you and find the perfect speed. Take this new found balance of speed and apply it to everything you do. Adapt this balanced speed to walking, talking, cooking, driving, cleaning, writing, and all you do.

Maintaining this speed will allow the LOA to help you at a steady pace where everything you need along your journey will come to you naturally and easily.

If you are one to race through the day, must finish first and always in competition mode, you may need to slow down and be more detailed.

If you are one to waste the day away watching movies, napping and day dreaming, you may need to speed up and be more focused.

Find your perfect speed.

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