Decide the outcome.

Instead of wondering and worrying about the outcome of any situation, decide it. Imagine the outcome you want and love it like it already happened.

The outcome that happens is the one you focus on most. If you are worried about getting hurt and that’s what your brain thinks about most, you will greatly increase your chances of attracting an outcome that gets you hurt.

Knowing this you can choose what to think of most and greatly increase your chances of attracting what you want and avoid attracting things you don’t want. Whatever possibility you feed with your focus and attention, will grow stronger and increase the chances of that becoming your reality.

Imagine the perfect outcome.

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  1. I like how you summarize each post in one last sentence. And you have a gift of keeping things concise. I tend to make my posts way too long…or not ever get to posting because they languish, unfinished. Good job 👍

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