Learn to make choices.

You are a creative god with the power of choice only now where we exist in duality. Right here, right now you can make a choice to create anything you want.

Conscious human-beings in duality are the most powerful source of creation in all of time and space. You are extremely valuable and your creative powers are more important than you can ever imagine.

So mastering the ability to control your choices, over ride your animal instincts, and make quick, confident choices is the most important skill you could learn.

It’s easy to make choices once you know who you truly are and what you truly stand for. Take the time to get to know yourself and come up with a set of beliefs and goals that reflect the true you. This will be the new foundation of your choice making.

Refer to this list of beliefs and goals for every choice you make. Make choices that move you closer to your goals.

Creation starts with a choice and you hold all the power.

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