Create a new habit.

If you expect to change your life, you will need to change your actions. New habits take time, effort and discipline to become permanent but once you do the work, your good forever.

Once something becomes a permanent habit,it becomes who you are and your life.

The best way to accomplish this is to set a daily alarm with the new action required and start doing it. At first you may skip a day or 2 and even give up so just start small.

A perfect example is exercise. If your goal is to be fit, set a daily alarm and do 1 pushup every day. This will make the process of programming your brain simple and faster.

After 1 month, the habit will become second nature to you and you will be ready to start an actual exercise program. Your brain will be ready to keep you in the habit even when the work becomes harder that just 1 push-up.

No need to he in a hurry and punish yourself tor not being perfect,just keep going.

Take it easy on yourself and make it easy on yourself,

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