Hate your job?

Often we are forced to do a job we hate while dreaming of a job you love. Hate your job or not, you must feel love.

Yes that situation is tricky because you are being forced to love something you hate but if you spend all day feeling hate, you attract hate.

I would suggest finding a couple small things you love about the job you hate. Even if it’s just the colour of the walls or your chair or 1 co- worker. Also take any breaks time you may have, close your eyes and imagine your perfect, new job. As hard as it may be, feeling love will attract things, people and places you love.

Imagine you have a bag full of hate and you throw it up into the air. It will fall back down to you and you will receive a bag of hate so you must avoid feeling hate toward your job. Imagine ever day is your last day at the job you hate and you are so happy.

Just remember, what ever you are feeling right now, you will attract more of so if you hate your job you will attract more jobs you hate.

Close your eyes and imagine you already got your dream job, you are already there and Iove it.

Love it in advance every day.

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