Trust the process.

Attracting something is a growth process as attraction is creation. The creation of a full grown tree starts with a seed and requires a process of growth. You can’t put a seed in the ground and expect a full grown tree to appear the next day.

Every creation must go through each stage of growth and requires the correct amount of time and energy. Once you plant an idea into the world it will require your time end energy throughout the growth process.

Forcing the creation to speed up is pointless because it will alter the outcome of the creation or destroy it all together. Your job is the same as a farmers job who plants a field. Your job is the care giver and the protector during the growth process.

Give your dreams a chance to grow.

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  1. Really good and great advice. After an email from my narcissistic sister, whom I believe gave me CPTSD (her and my mother, my husband, and mother in law) I ended up breaking no contact and responding. That was two weeks ago. I told her not to contact me again unless she was serious about healing our relationship. Never heard from her again. So, after months and months of recovery, I am back at square one, and just because of that interaction. I can now take responsibility for my own actions, naiveté and people pleasing nature. I set my boundaries. But the mucky stuff was stirred, and there is no shame in taking a step backward.

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