Avoid distractions.

Once you have a goal, know who you are and have decided what you want to create, forget everything else. It’s very easy to get distracted with other people’s crap and things that are just entertaining.

Take notice where your attention is going every day because every min where your focus is distracted away from your goals, is a waste of time.

Your focus and attention is the energy that feeds your creation and everything else is a vampire stealing your energy. Your creation needs fuel to grow just like a plant needs sun light.

Take the sun light away and the plants growth slows down. With out enough fuel the plant will die just like your goals and dreams. So evaluate where your energy goes in a day and say no to everything that takes energy away from your goals and dreams.

Imagine holding a flash light that is feeding your dreams. The light is needed for your creation to stay alive and continue growing. Why would you point that flashlight anywhere else?

Control your focus.

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