Forgive your past regrets.

Make a list of all the mistakes you ever made and all the things you wish you would have done differently. Play them out in your mind and let the energy and feelings flow through you one last time. Now forgive yourself because if you don’t, you will continue to attract more regret. Forgive yourself because you are smart enough to know it must be done. Your current thought will attract more of the same so if you are thinking of regret and having negative thoughts of your past choices, you will continue to feel that way forever. So let that all go and ask yourself what you can do now and what you learned from the past. If those past thoughts come up again, hold up a stop sign in your mind and say “I am forgiven” and think of something you love. What ever your life was before has nothing to do with what it is now and who you are now. You are forgiven.

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  1. Truth in these words. My past haunted me for fifty years. I made numerous bad choices and did many things. Then I wrote my life story out in three books. It was like I became calm for the first time in my life.

    Moving forward,acknowledging my past and building a future is my life now.

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