Focus, focus, focus.

Everything is energy and randomly directed energy won’t attract or create anything. Taking your energy and focusing your thoughts, feelings and desires will force all the energy around you to take form. This is how a thought becomes reality.

You are energy and when you decide what you are, all the random energy around you will have no choice but begin to take a form that matches you. You will attract who you decided you are.

Become what you want to attract by focusing your thoughts, feelings and actions. The random energy all around you, ether energy, that has no form yet will take form and shape into any reality you choose to focus on.

Bio Electromagnetic energy creates, decides and chooses what the ether energy becomes, shapes and forms into. You, bio, are the creator that decides the shape and form of reality, ether.

Your focused thoughts, feelings and actions form reality. If you have no control of yourself, no focus and don’t know who you are, your reality will be a random mess.

Everything is electricity. Everything is electrons in motion. Everything is a vibration. Knowing that energy seeks balance and balance is created by finding a match, we can choose to hold a vibration knowing it must be matched.

Any thought you hold as an electric vibration in your body must be matched by the outside world. The law of electric balance is all that exists and it is life. So if you hold the thought of something you love and focus on it forever, it’s guaranteed to find it’s balance.

Think of something you want to attract, love it in advance, forever and the universe will have no choice but to match your vibration. Learn to control your focus and you can control reality.

Decide your reality….

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