Have a good heart..

Having a good heart isn’t an excuse not to polish your speech, choose your words meticulously, and know when to simply stay silent. Flexibility is our best attribute as a species.

Know when to be gentle and when to be rough. When to act and when to disengage.

A word, spoken, cannot be taken back. Everything you say has consequence, carries force and direction. Communication is power.

Take control, for that power can make or break both you and others.

6 Replies to “Have a good heart..”

  1. So important! I like the point especially about “when to be gentle and when to be rough”–I’ve grown up struggling to be “nice” all the time, because I was desperately afraid of angering others with truth. Now I am learning that I can apply truth when it needs to be stated, when not speaking would end up hurting worse.

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