Never chase..

Never chase love, affection or attention. If they are not given freely by another person, it is not worth having.

Never beg people to stay in your life. There is no point of holding to someone who has let go of you.

Find yourself first, what you love and learn how to be at peace with yourself.

Then never settle for anyone who won’t compliment you, and help you to grow, and to improve.

Love is knowing that you are on the same team, and that your dreams and your partner’s dream are one and the same.

29 Replies to “Never chase..”

  1. you have not replied to my above question: as to why your posts are not appearing in ‘FOLLOWED SITES’ OR DISCOVERY OR EVEN AT SITES I LIKE’ pl clarify. I thank you for having gone thro my various posts.

  2. That’s a piece of good advice.

    Even if it feels odd, I have to add a remark: “Don’t forget to like and follow” reads a little strange under that text. Sorry about that.

      1. It was not meant to criticize your post. Not at all!

        Of course, blogs want and need followers – and are allowed to, have every right to suggest people to follow and like! It just felt like in a strange contrast to THIS wonderful article.

  3. i have gone thro some of your posts on knowing that you have gone thro some of my posts. but what i wonder is how come your posts dont appear in ‘SITES FOLLOWED ‘ OR DISCOVER’ though you have posted many a posts which are short and sweet. In this context u may kindly go thro my post titled’LENGTHY POSTS’

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