Give what you want to feel.

If you give forgiveness to other people, you will begin to feel forgiven. If you accept others for who they are, you will soon feel accepted by others. If you want to feel loved, love everyone just the way they are and soon you will feel loved.

You will slowly begin to feel happier and eventually only feel happiness because you chose to give love. You just chose and created a feeling of happiness by your actions.

You have complete control if you choose to use this knowledge. Do nothing and you will not be creating happiness and remain in a state of emptiness forever searching for an external source of happiness to complete you but no one is coming to make you happy.

Make yourself happy using the knowledge of creation and your body as a creative tool. It’s your choice to intentionally create an outcome you choose or accept that nothing will ever change and this current, unhappy life is forever.

Create happiness.

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