Change anything faster.

If you want change, decide what it is you want, remove all time limits, love it before you have it, create your perfect happy place in your mind, look at pic and videos daily of what you want and love it in advance.

You must feel love right now in the present as though you have already succeeded and have it now. Forget about having it in the future, love it now.

Control your environment. Make your living room look more like your perfect living room even if itโ€™s just pic on the wall.

Daily repetition of feeling love for something in advance is the actions required.

What would you rather be doing with your life?

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4 Replies to “Change anything faster.”

  1. This one was heart felt. Ot really helps to keep our dreams fresh and active and as needed for our life to continue, like the first day it occurred to us. Otherwise, this world; It’s pretty simple to forget something we love and fall for another the next day, ending up making nothing a reality, just a quick come and go attraction. ๐Ÿ™‚ This post made my crippled ideas a rigid path to follow. Thanksโ€‹ for writing this up Anuj!

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