​Want more money? 

Every time you have a thought of not enough money, hold up a stop sign in your mind and say “I love being financially free.” 

Do this forever. 

Of course the voice in your head will argue with you and say “no your not! Your broke!” And to that you say “No thanks, I am financially free now.” 

Memorise these words and use them word for word. Do not answer to the voice in your head with any other words other than these. 

You will always face resistance from your old self because any change is a threat. The best reaction when you face resistance is no reaction at all. 

Just like a bully saying hurtful words, don’t let it effect you by knowing you are a good person and feeling bad for the bully for not knowing love. 

Love money like a new born baby.

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    xx, Shreya❤️

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