​Do what you love. 

If there was one rule to live by, this would be it. This will guarantee a happy life, avoid emptiness, give life meaning and make you feel whole. 

Doing anything other that what you love is a waste of time that is your life. 

Cherish your time here because this is the only place you can change your mind, change your souls direction and learn who we really are at the core. 

The universe gives you the opportunity to see the world as a reflection of your core self and change it if wanted. 

This place is an opportunity to choose what you do. 

Spend your time wisely.

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  1. Yes true I agree. By being present and doing what you adore you make a conscious effort to increase your bliss and amusement in whatever capacity you can. It is about creating the live that you want, not the life that others tell you to live. Thank you for sharing the ultimate truth.

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