Once we become aware of our inner conflicts, our  personal issues, the dramas and stories We make up for ourselves. our delusions. our conditioning. our negative habits, and harmful behaviors_we must learn how to heal them so that they no longer control our experience Subconsciously. The most powerful method of healing our conditioning is to practice Forgiveness.     

Forgiveness is the tool that we can use to heal our traumas, to heal our conditioning, and to heal all of the negative aspects of our experience. When something triggers an emotional response in us, we can either behave in the way we have been habitually conditioned to behave, or we can acknowledge what has arisen within us and forgive it.

 Forgiveness is a moment-to-moment practice in which we continually become aware of our personal issues and heal them with our love. We no longer push them away or sweep them under the rug. We embrace them, look into their cause, and let go of them.

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