​Find yourself

Often in life we are forced in directions that don’t match our true self. 

We are forced to do a job we don’t like so we can survive and forced to sacrifice what we want to do just so others are happy. 

Since the universe will continue to give you more of what you have, you will continue to be unhappy. 

Re-discover who you really are. What makes you forget about time and allows you to just enjoy the moment? 

Figure out what it is and make a change in your daily actions. Once you start to change, what you attract will also change. 

Find your happiness and change your actions.

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  1. Good advice, but dificult, due to circumstances to always follow our hearts and find our Eutopia. Many do and I like to think I am one of those…I made my choice and took the bull by the horns and just did it…Some really can’t 🙂

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