Success to me means more than than survival and mere security. It is taking the talents we were born with and the skills we have  developed and using them fully towards a purpose that makes us feel worthwhile.

Happiness is the  natural fruit of living a worthwhile life-regardless of one’s status, material possessions, or external appearance. Our success level must include bringing benefit to others. A current level of success is never adequate if you catch a glimpse if needs around you. Once you capture an awareness and feel a responsibility for helping others, you’ll aim at an even higher level of success. 

No matter what your past might have held, no matter the results of this year harvest -good or bad- anticipate a better harvest  ahead! 

No matter where you are in life, in terms of status, age, or personal development, you have  the opportunity before you to grow bigger  and better success.

See you at the Top of purposeful, fulfilled life.

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