​Let Go 

They say that,  at some point,  you just learn to let go.  I must disagree.  If it just takes one moment  to let go,  then you never really held on tightly enough.  To a dream.  To a goal.  To a place.  To a person.  To anything,

I believe that you let go little by little.  You let go a little,  then hold back on,  but with a little less force until you fully release yourself.  And the tighter you  hold on,  the more force you let go with.  The deeper you dive,  the higher you’ll fly.  The closer you get,  the further you’ll pull away,  The weaker you feel,  the stronger you’ll become So do not be ashamed of your weaknesses. We all have them.

 You must learn to be kind  to yourself You must learn to understand yourself.  You must believe in yourself.  Never self.  that you are a bad person.  Differentiate between your worth and your actions.  To that bad is say you are than saying that you made a mistake. 

You can’t yourself,  but you can fix a mistake.  And remember,  not one fall.  We on this earth is perfect.  We au make mistakes.  We ai and all have flaws.  We need look ourselves treat just to within PED ourselves as humans wh are worthy of respect and happy o not give up on G back up.  Be brave.  Be happy 

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