​Stop changing your mind. 

A new reality grows like a plant in a garden. 

Imagine you decide you want a carrot so you plant a carrot seed in the garden and start caring for it daily as it grows but then you change your mind and plant a potato instead. 

Now you take your attention and care away from the carrot and instead focus on the potato. 

Not only will you have to start over but you can expect that your carrot seed may die or grow poorly now that you abandoned it. 

If you keep changing your mind, changing your seed and shifting your focus, your reality will never grow to it’s full potential. 

What ever seed you care for will grow strong but that’s only if you stick with your choice, feed it daily and love it daily. 

So decide what you want to grow, plant it and care for it daily. Your plant will suffer if you are distracted by other plants. 

For a new plant or a new reality to grow strong and blossom, takes daily care and attention with no distractions. 

Know what you want and stick with it.

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