This Is Life

“This is life.  It’s gonna get complicated. We’re gonna relapse.  We’re gonna need time-outs.  We’re gonna be weak.  We’re gonna be strong We’re gonna lose our shit and yell for people to get the fuck out of our lives.  We’re gonna break down and beg some people to stay in our lives. Some days we’re gonna feel everything all at once.  ther days,  we’re gonna feel nothing at all.


We’re gonna be in some bad spaces, we’re gonna be in some amazing ones. We’re gonna get on our knees crying and hurting and begging for help.  We’re gonna get on our knees and pray just to say thank you.  We’re gonna have moments when we know exactly what we want,  and we’re sure.  We’re gonna have moments when we legit have no fucking clue what we want,  and we’re confused.

This life shit isn’t a movie, and I think sometimes, we forget that,”

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  1. Life is definitely a roller coaster. I have learnt that we just need to hold on and enjoy the ride no matter what throws at us!

  2. If I’ve learnt anything in almost 22 years of my life, the number one is definitely that life is a true roller-coaster, full of ups and downs. The truth is that we all fall sometimes, but the most important thing is that we accept the situation, learn from it, get up and move on. Shit is going to happen, if we want it or not, but it’s on us, how we’ll react. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Nice, honest and you’re right, life’s not a movie. But who’s to blame? The people that believe their life should be or the producers that create programs that make people feel that their life isn’t as good as it should be?

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