A child is born.
A new pair of eyes open themselves to the world.
Perception begins.
Thousands of colors,  sounds,  scents,  and other sensations come rushing in.
The child is hooked,  fascinated by what the senses perceive.
The child grows older.
Faces become familiar. 
Words get memorized.
Thought develops. 
Concepts are taught.
Beliefs are formed. 
Ideas grow,  yet the world of sensation remains a captivating mystery.
Still the body and mind keep growing Life goes on.

The child matures.
The child is changed.
The child has lost. 
The child has gained.
The child has felt joy.
The child has suffered.
The child has experienced all of the ups and downs of life,  and still life remains a mystery. 
Curiosity kicks in. 
What is this world I am sensing? 
Who is it that is sensing it? 
After being caught by the world,  attention returns to oneself.
Who am I?
Realization strikes.
I am not the world.
I am sensing.
I am the one who is aware of these sensations.
I am always seeing,  yet l am never seen.
I am not my thoughts am the witness of thought.
I am.
the spirit that is eternally free.
The world exists only when l perceive it. Without me there is no world.
Who is it that is perceiving inside of others?  I am.
Wherever there is perception,  am present.
I am everyone and no one.
I am everywhere and nowhere.
I am the mystery beyond the senses.
I do not exist in the world,  the world exists within me.
I am the substance from which the world arises.
I cannot be named or described,  for l am the one naming and describing.
Words and ideas are not who l am. 
I am the awareness looking through every eye.

I am the awareness that is writing these words,  and am the awareness that is reading them.
I am the one who loses myself in the world,  and I am the one who awakens to who l am.  I am one consciousness,  experiencing myself as many.
I  am the formless within every form.
I am the Infinite,  the Eternal,  the Truth.
I am the Tao.
I am the Great Spirit.
I am Buddha.
I am Brahman. 
I am God.
I am.  

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