Accept your emotions 

Don’t make yourself wrong for what you feel. If you are feeling some fearabout something new, know that that’s ok. We all do. If you fall back into anger as a response to something you don like, let yourself be angry but also be respectful to others in the process.

If you allow it to pass through you, it will shift faster. If you judge yourself for your emotions, you will prolong the process of easing them.

If you feel sad about the way in which something worked out, allow yourself to feel it. The more you resist what you feel, the longer you will prolong the suffering of it. Suffering is always short-lived except for when we resist it or try to avoid it.

It’s okey to be disappointed. It’s okey to feel upset. It’s okey to be angry. Your emotions don’t determine your worthiness. You are allowed to feel. Let yourself feel.

Your emotions are a part of your journey, and no journey is a straight line of joy.

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