Love is a word that attempts to define a feelings of connection, a freedom, an understanding, a sense of warmth, acceptance, compassion, and being that cannot easily be described by words. To describe what love is, is easier to do by describing what it is not. Love is not judgmental, it doesn’t criticize, condemn or blame. Love does not see others as being separate or unimportant. Love is not divisive, greedy, or selfish. Love is not impatient, forceful, or expecting. Love is not fearful, violent, or oppressive. Love is not controlling, limiting, or selective. Love embraces all unconditionally, love sees all as one, love respects all as being a part of the one, and love appreciates these parts, recognising their impermanence and embracing things as they are now in this moment.
May people fear love because it cannot be known conceptually, cannot be controlled physically, and can only be felt by emotionally. But to the one who surrenders their fears, let’s go of their ego’s need to control, and embraces love, they realise that love is the source of true freedom, true bliss, and true purpose to the meaning of existence.

“Do not seek anywhere but within for love. Do not build walls preventing love from entering, rather build an aura around you that is penetrable to allow a flow of love to constantly go through you. We are but a mere vessel of love. This vessel is connected to all things. Love is channelled through all these streams and it is constantly flowing. If an attempts is made to contain this love, it will break the dam thus causing an overwhelming amount of grief and sense of drowning. When love is allowed to flow naturally without trying to possess it, it gives one all that is needed. It protects you. It serves you, it guides you. And most of all it loves you. Love is meant to flow. Embrace the flow. It is always going through you. Do not ever doubt it. Love connects us all. The all is love itself, so that includes you. You are never without love . In fact, you are love.”

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