Help others

Remember you have to give before receiving. That’s just how duality works.

Imagine you offer to help someone, maybe give them $100 or take them out for dinner. It may seam small to you but they are extremely grateful.

Now imagine the tables are turned and you need help. That person you helped and all the others you helped along the way will jump at the chance to help you.

This is because of their need to pay you back so you are even. So you are in balance. Humans seek balance.

Everything is energy and energy seeks balance so you can absolutely guarantee that any help you give will be returned to you as soon as possible and through any means possible.

This need for balance is very deeply burned into our subconscious minds.

I believe it it the deepest root instinct of everyone. It’s the meaning of live. To find balance.

It’s the root of duality and having this knowledge is a huge advantage. So offer to help people who you see struggling and keep an eye out for opportunities to give.

This isn’t just advice to help others because it’s nice. This is the root operating instructions of the machine we live it.

Give and you will receive.

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